E-commerce from NZ Websites Ltd is the most comprehensive and professional suite of services in the industry. From custom catalog management and dynamic customer accounts to simple yet powerful store administration and integration with your inventory and accounting, our e-commerce services deliver.

Our unmatched E-commerce expertise is sewn into the fabric of our company, interwoven with our long history of developing real-world ecommerce applications longer than any other Web company.

This E-commerce expertise gives our customers the advantage of making better business decisions that lead to better business results.

Knowing Your Customer and Product

E-commerce is serious business and requires an in-depth knowledge of both your customer and your product, and who knows them better than you? That's why we make every effort to step inside your customers' shoes. We research and examine their buying trends, tendencies and overall history. In-depth knowledge of your product not only helps us to understand how it's positioned on the Web, but also lets us bring a fresh perspective on how best to build a Website for such a product.

Security ... and Feeling Secure

There's a big difference. It's one thing to ensure that your customers' privacy is safe, but it's another thing entirely to make your customers feel comfortable. Our ecommerce professionals will guide you and demonstrate how to accomplish this all important intangible.

We Have The Technology

Without a doubt, E-commerce is about the technology that makes it work seamlessly with the actions of your customers. Our E-commerce system is the most modern application of its kind - after all, we built it from the ground-up based on our experience. It provides the power, flexibility and security you need to launch a successful ebusiness. It's able to accommodate any type of e-commerce Website and can scale to meet the requirements of even the heaviest trafficked and global online stores.


Modern E-commerce presents a menu of choices for a merchant to make before opening, re-opening or expanding shop. We help guide these decisions through our complete understanding of the benefits, trade-offs and of course consequences. These often include:

  • How to achieve Optimum Security
  • Organization and compilation of Product Data.
  • Choosing the right Payment Gateway and Processor.
  • Understanding how the right Hosting can affect your future.
  • Where to go and how to negotiate for the best Rates from your Merchant Account Provider.
  • Content and its effect on Search Engines.
  • How to provide efficient Customer Service.
  • Making sure managing your store doesn't eat away at your budget. 
  • and much more.

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