NZ Websites Ltd offer a unique approach to web design..

At NZ Websites Ltd we work closely with you to develop a web-based solution that fully integrates with, and complements your business.

Our web site design process starts with a professional business consultation with you in order to fully understand the nature of your business, so that we can design a web solution that meets both your business's needs and expectations.

Web Design Process

Business consultation

  • To define the nature of the business
  • To formulate ideas for the web content
  • Review process to ensure that the web site is coherent to the needs of the business and its marketing strategy

Establish needs of the client

  • To identify the customers requirements
  • To establish the customers expectations of the web site
  • To define the site structure and navigation

Collection of material

  • Collection of corporate image material to define theme and colours of the site
  • To finalise the site structure and page names.
  • A word document is issued at this point clarifying what the agreed site structure is.

Initial site acceptance stage

  • To design the home page, and site navigation
  • Customer to view, amend and agree the look, feel and navigation of the site. Changes to the theme of the site can be made at the point to ensure the site is acceptable to the customer.
  • If the site includes a database, this will be complete at this point.

Development of site content with client

  • To define and agree the balance of the site content
  • Hand over of the balance of the site content and material

Development of site structure and content

  • NZ Websites Ltd then develop the balance of the site, working closely with the client through out the process
  • To build and populate the entire web pages with the agreed content

Final Close out meeting

  • Once all the web content is integrated with the final fully operational site, the content is reviewed for accuracy
  • Any final amendments to content are finalised at this stage.
  • Email requirement are configured and tested.
  • Key words are finalised and launched to the site.

Client Acceptance and Approval

  • Once stage 7 is completed to satisfaction, the site is formally accepted and approved

Fully Launched and Complete.

  • The completed site is then launched and registered to the search engines

Ongoing management and support

  • A contract of ongoing support, management, marketing and review is then undertaken

The above process takes 4 - 8 Weeks, depending on when the client supplies the site material. This methodical approach has been developed by NZ Websites Ltd to ensure that every site is designed in accordance with your business needs and expectations. NZ Websites Ltd act as the driving force to ensure satisfactory completion of the site, whilst keeping you fully informed throughout the process. In order for this process to work however, it does require that you, the client co operate.

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